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Need a photographer?

Are you looking for a professional photographer in Zurich? Here I am! I have lived in Zurich since 2011 and I have adopted the international spirit of the Swiss city : reliability, professionalism and imagination. I’m an editor, photographer freelance and I work with Italian media in Zurich. I like details, colors and bridal shoes . My husband often supports me and thanks to his passion for flying, he shoots with a never banal perspective. Our passion for photography was born in an old drawer full of sepia shots of the last century. Born in imagining the story of the characters that every shot suggests, has matured over the years, has improved with comparison and imagination, is a dream that is transformed into a real project.

My goals are spontaneous and natural pictures

I love spontaneity and chic pictures: the poses are so 80’s! I agree that an image is exciting only when it remembers you a particular moment, a kiss, a glance or a smile: a plastic pose suggested by the photographer will hardly excite you. I understand , it is not easy being in front of a camera but it is also my job to make you feel comfortable. And, why not, to have fun.

Let’s meet up!

The interview before the shooting is very useful. It helps to know each other and to understand how my work will proceed with you, revealing also some little tricks. To request the cost for a wedding or simply to get more information about  events pictures, wedding photos or baptism photos, do not hesitate to contact me: we can share ideas and give you advice thanks to my previous experiences as a photographer in Zurich. I make photoshooting in Zurich and in various cities in Switzerland.


Gloria, photographer in Switzerland and Zurich area.

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