Wedding photographer in Zurich

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The organisation of a wedding is the occasion to give your personal and unique touch to one

of the most exciting moment in your life. You will be the only protagonists of the event and

all of your choices in terms of services and contractors should enhance and surround the

way you live your love.

Wedding photographer rules: spontaneous and elegant photos 

The wedding photographer is a fundamental figure who should not be underrated. With

his shoots he will become the most important witness of your wedding: with his pictures he

will give you the chance to relive the same emotions of that wonderful day. He will use light

to fasten the unrepeatable and unforgettable moments that will make that day so magical.

Wedding photographer check list 


civil wedding in zurich- wedding zurich- photographer wedding zurich


The interaction between spouses and photographer is essential. Fondness and faith will allow

you to be relaxed during the wedding photoshooting and to avoid plastic poses. On the

contrary, you will feel free to enjoy every single shoot showing off your joy with spontaneity

and transparency. Talk over about the type of pictures that mostly suit your couple (portraits,

poses, black and white or with unusual filters) with the photographer. Specify the names of

friends and relatives who you would like to be photographed with. In this way it will be easier

for the photographer to enter your world and immortalise it. Agree on a service wedding

package to avoid additional costs or misunderstandings. If possible, try to set a photo session

before the wedding to face the wedding shooting more spontaneously. The quality of the

equipment and of the pictures taken by the photographer in the past should clearly show his

proficiency and professionalism.

Professional Pictures : beauty is simplicity


civil wedding in zurich- wedding zurich- photographer wedding zurich


Only a professional is able to suggest the best options in case of bad weather or choose and

suggest the best locations and timing for your photo shooting. Only a professional with suitable

lenses will ensure you reportage pictures, landscapes, still life and portraits with the same level

of quality. A good photographer will emphasise the new couple instead of his technique or his

art. A good wedding album should go beyond the fad and should be pleasing and have a

strong effect in the years to come. It should pass down the emotions of that special day, reflecting

the style and personality of the couple. You deserve a special album to relive your special day.

We are well-aware of being witness of an important moment in the life of two persons. We do

our best to understand your expectations and emotions and to respect them. Just a few times

in life a stranger is allowed to enter in the intimacy of a couple: this is a honor to us and we try

to be as delicate and discreet as possible.   We will be delighted to enhance unforgettable

memories and pictures shoot with heart, passion and competence.

We are your photographers in Zurich.


civil wedding in zurich- wedding zurich- photographer wedding zurich