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Food photography : pictures with the ability to appeal to the consumers emotions,making them stop, look and want to taste.

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Restaurant?  Bistrot? Home delivery?

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How to improve your website with Food Photography

Food Photography for your restaurant: do you have a restaurant, a shop, a lab or a blog in Zurich area? For your products or your venue you need professional quality pictures and a food photographer expert. Pictures should be captivating with natural colors to give an healthy and good impression of products you offer.


To photograph food isn’t easy because you need a perfect composition and the right lighting and angle : you need also to be a project designer and a  food stylist to use fantasy and style. Food photography is vital to make visual communication immediate, intuited to bring new potential costumers to your restaurant, shop or blog.


How to use food photography pictures

Pictures are the most important way to promote your food, your products or your articles. Small sized and low definition pictures give a negative impression and don’t show the professionalism and expertise that will make your business stand out. But having good pictures on your website isn’t enought.

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You will also need to post them on the most used social networks (facebook, twitter,instagram) with the right title and hashtag, to get likes, shares and website visits (and reservation, of course!)


It is a simple and basic method : a perfect executed food picture will make the viewer’s mouth water and their curiosity turn on!


What you need to get perfect catalogue and Home Delivery Gallery


For the products to be offered online, it is important to have a gallery of homogeneous images, with evident details and those with a white or black, neutral background.


Main courses, side dishes, cakes, wine or cocktails, imported products? I am available for photoshooting at your restaurant, shop, lab or kitchen in Zurich area.



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