Maternity and Family photos in Zurich

Catch the moment with a family photo shoot

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Photographers find their biggest satisfaction by portraying crucial moments of people’s life, maternity

and new born, without disregarding of their privacy, but creating trustfully and respectfully relationship.

This often ends up in the same photographers being often engaged in family’s private moments and

events, to shoot pictures of pregnancies, babies, baptisms or family portraits.

pregnant foto- family photoshoot- maternity photo zurich-maternity photo shoot

The birth of a new-born is love that materialises, one of the most important moments in the life of a

couple. However, even though the memories of a pregnancy will always remain deep inside every

woman, details could fade away. In pregnancy photography we don’t just portray a big belly, we

capture those moments in which the wait is tangible and joy, serenity, and anxiety mix to create that

sense of beatitude all parents feel inside. Our goal is to transpose those magic feelings in images, and

make sure you will feel the same emotions every time you’ll watch our pictures.

pregnant foto- family photoshoot- maternity photo zurich-maternity photo shoot

Photographing a child in a family is like photographing a pure love that becomes visible

We portray the tenderness of tiny little feet and hands, the sweetness and the curiosity of those little

eyes watching the world for the first time, the happiness and the rapture of the new family.

We find for you the best locations and outfits, we work with you to create a trustfully atmosphere in

which you can feel free to live your emotions without thinking about the camera.

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We play with your kids to make them enjoy the shooting so that you can have the best results. Might the stage be set in

a spring meadow, in a sweep of colourful autumn leaves, or in a myriad of soap balls, we ensure your

pictures will be special, alive, and representing the real you.

We capture the beauty. Let us capture you.

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